For the brilliant future of Beautiful Japan And to hand down the pride of Japan to the next generatio

New Japan Scenery Our Precious heritage-

 December 2014 English version will be available!

About New Japan Scenery Our Precious heritage-

About New Japan Scenery Our Precious heritage-

The Japan Scenery is a book written by Shigetaka SHIGA in 1894, and one of the bestsellers in the Meiji-era (1868-1912), Taisho-era (1912-1926), and first and second decades of Showa-era (1926-1945). In this book, SHIGA described passionately the beauty and the glory of the Japanese landscape ranked with that of European and American countries. This book changed the Japanese mind about the landscape of Japan and gave them a concept of "Japan, as our country".

SHIGA emphasized in this book, the importance of keeping the "core" -our identity as Japanese- when the people of Japan in Meiji-era tried to import the fruits of Euro-American culture in the traditional culture of Japan.

And today, a negative image of Japan is deeply held by most people who live there, and the people in all over the world are very anxious about the future of Japan, JCI Japan presents this e-book: "New Japan Scenery Our Precious heritage-" for rebuilding their confidence.

This publication will explore how the traditions, culture, and spiritual values of Japan came about and were continued over a period of many centuries. These are the values that Japan must seek to preserve for the future.

It is our sincere hope that this publication will help spread understanding of Japan's potential to contribute to the world. Such mutual understanding is to the benefit of everyone.


Toyohiko AOKI
Toyohiko AOKI(Representative Director of AOKI Inc.)
Ichiro ASAHINA (CEO of Aoyama Shachu Corp.)
Alex Arthur KERR
Alex Arthur KERR(Writer and researcher of East Asian culture)
Kenzaburo IKEDA
Kenzaburo IKEDA(Chairman of Taiju Group, Inc.)
Kazuhiko INOUE
Kazuhiko INOUE (Journalist)
Toshiaki KIMURA
Toshiaki KIMURA(Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture)
Soshitsu SEN XVI
Soshitsu SEN XVI(Urasenke Iemoto)
Yoshifumi TAJIRI
Yoshifumi TAJIRI(Executive Director of the Japan NPO Center)
Tsunekiyo TANAKA
Tsunekiyo TANAKA(Chief Priest at Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine)
Osamu MIZUTANI (Visiting Professor at Hanazono University)